What you can do to make your essay stand out

Thousands of students, all over the world, are writing essays, lots of essays, on all of the subjects that you may be writing your essay on! Given this, and given how competitive academia is, it is vitally important, if you want to do well, that you take every opportunity to stick your head up, to stand out in this vast crowd. The best way to do this is to write essays that are more engaging than those of your peers. But, how is that possible? Follow these simple tips.

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There is no substitute, in academic work, for reading. It is possible to go through any academic course, and to do only the minimum amount of reading required. But, if you want to do well, you need to read, because an essay is based on research and knowledge of a subject.

Work Harder

Work harder on your essays. Plan time for them, never leave them to the last minute, always leave time to change your approach, and always leave time to edit, and to revise, and to take a break from them, and to edit again!

Be Clear in Argument

Be absolutely clear in what you want your essay to say. Too many essays attempt too much, and wanting to stand out can lead to cluttered and overly convoluted arguments: choose a simple approach and execute the argument perfectly.

Perfect Writing

You should ensure that your writing is flawless, free form typos, free from long sentences that lose the reader. Be as clear, as uncomplicated as possible, because this clarity of writing and argument is what your tutor will be looking for. It is tempting to use long words, technical terms, jargon, but these rarely ever add to the experience of reading, and often detract.

Be Original

The stand-out quality that will always enhance your essay is an original and novel approach to a subject, that is grounded in the existing scholarship, and that is clearly written; you will interest, and therefore impress your tutor if you can make them say: ‘ahh, I never thought of that before’. That is the one thing that will always get you a great grade.

So, to stand out in the ever increasing competition of academia, follow these tips to make your essays shine!

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