How to start an essay on Romeo and Julie: hints for dummies

Romeo and Juliet are a testament to how true love hardly ends on a perfect note and yet, perfection is only a perspective. Ask the two lovers what they would see as a culmination of true love and they might just mention dying together. If that is the truth; the story is actually a heartening one.

The writing prompt

If you need to start an essay on the two doomed lovers, you naturally get a head-start. Love as the capacity to turn the creativity on. You can begin with wonderful writing prompts talking about love. Here are a few examples –

‘Juliet had such little hands; almost as rain. She reached into the inner pores of Romeo with an infinite urge, tending him into a world of oblivion and of absolute love.’

‘Their fate was shaped by the eternal blue of the poison; and yet that stands only as a messianic interpretation of their union. With them, love was always in the air.’

Who says that a happy love story is a complete love story? It never goes through the pains and pangs of the love bites; nor explores the depths of the hearts that bleed together.’

Becoming a better person

You can direct the piece towards how love makes you invent yourself and act out of the skin. How love makes you a better human. You can of course mention other heady examples such as Jack and Rose of Titanic fame or Laila and Majnu of Arabic folk stories.

You may also begin on a pessimistic note, arguing that it is perhaps better to use the mind while dealing with love. This is a beaten track and pure lovers will always raise eyebrows against the argument. In fact, you will have to tweak the theory somewhat to exalt the piece.

Restrictions of society

You may also mention how society does not have the broad mentality to absorb stunning love stories and plays the proverbial villain on most counts. You may suggest how love suffers because it is not practical; and yet love happens because there is no mind guiding it. It is for this reason that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is precisely why some people find beauty in roses and some in lilies.

However you start the essay, infuse love and passion into the piece. In fact, the story is itself so evocative that you won’t have to labor hard for the infusion.

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