Top 10 offbeat high school essay topics

If you are looking for top ten offbeat high school essay topics of all times then you have landed to just the right page. Sometimes it is not enough to go with the ordinary essay topics and students choose to write on unusual topics. It depends on the luck of the student whether they get an A or fail in that assignment

Below are some of the most unusual essay topics you will ever read about

  1. What do you think of Wednesday?
  2. The essay was not compulsory and students had the choice to write on this topic or choose another one from the list that they are more comfortable with

  3. What do you get furious at?
  4. This was one of the most unusual topics for the admission essay. The answers to this essay varied a lot. Some students stayed diplomatic while others completely gave their honest opinions

  5. Write a short poem or a limerick which describes you the best
  6. This was very tricky topic for the students who were eager to apply in the Newyork University

  7. If there were a movie based on your life, what would be its title?
  8. Most of the students found this topic very interesting and attempted it with great creativity. College admission officers are not always nerds they can be fun too

  9. Do you think we are alone?
  10. This topic for admission essay was difficult for students, as they could not understand the essay prompt. Some of them thought of it as super natural existence and others approached it in a psychological manner. Nobody knows what the admission officer had in mind

  11. Why do we go to college?
  12. Most essays on this topic were non-serious

  13. What is special about your daily routine?
  14. This essay was able to allow insights to different students’ life and the admission officers were able to evaluate the preferences of students

  15. What do you think about the year 2050, make bold predictions that no one has yet said or predicted
  16. This essay allowed students to get creative and write freely. Some students however, thought this was the worst topic they have ever come across

  17. Write a narrative essay on one of the following topics (a house in the woods. The family drama, the prom night scandal)
  18. An interesting topic for many students to write upon

  19. Why were you beaten?

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