Writing Rules to Follow: How to Create a Brief Essay

When writing a short essay it is usually best to use the standard 5-paragraph essay. This type of essay is pretty simple and easy to write. It has a set structure to follow. This is probably the best way to write a brief essay considering the simplicity of its format and it short length. It gets straight to the point and makes the writing easier so it tends to go more quickly as well. Here is the format for your typical 5-paragraph essay.

  • Introduction
  • First body paragraph
  • Second body paragraph
  • Third body paragraph
  • Conclusion


The introduction is pretty self-explanatory. This will be where you introduce your topic for the essay and explain what the essay is about. You will want to be short, sweet and to the point here. Too much detail will interfere with the rest of the essay’s format and what the other paragraphs contain. Be sure not to use specific words or phrases that you plan to use later in the essay. Being redundant is never a good idea. Just a brief summary of what the essay is about will be fine here.

First body paragraph

Here you will want to introduce your first major point or fact that directly relates to the topic. The whole paragraph should be about this point and it should go into detail about this point or fact. Once you have laid out your first major point completely you will be finished with your first body paragraph.

Second body paragraph

Here you will introduce your next fact or point related to the essay’s topic. You go into as much detail as is necessary to make this fact or point clear. This paragraph should be able to stand on its own, having its own individual major idea. It should be about nothing but that second major idea while still relating to the topic of the essay.

Third body paragraph

This is where you will talk about your last and maybe even most important major idea. This should be the biggest point or fact as it relates to the topic. Paragraphs are there to separate ideas. You should now have 3 separate and individual major ideas expressed, one for each body paragraph.


The conclusion is where you wrap up your points and facts and either make it clear that you proved something or make clear what you expressed throughout the essay. It should be an ending and feel like one too. If by the end of your conclusion the audience does not feel as if they have learned something or had something proven to them than you have yet to conclude it. Make sure it feels like the end. You reiterate your points in different words, proving or restating your information on the topic. This will be the end of you essay. This system makes it easy to create a brief essay that is still powerful.

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