7 Recommendations For Writing An Informative Essay On Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a hard term to define, mainly because some drug users can argue the health benefits of their practice with medical evidence to back up their claims. That aside, the definition of a drug can be very broad depending on who you ask, for example, substances like coffee have the ability to alter your physiological states but most people won’t consider it to be a drug, even though it is regularly abused.

The purpose of this essay should be to properly inform your readers on the reality of drug abuse, preferably without any bias or presumptions. Here are seven recommendations for writing and informative essay on drug abuse:

  1. Talk to any real life users you may have access to.
  2. As mentioned earlier, drugs are a heavy topic in the world today because the use and trade rings that allow these narcotics to be easily distributed is not a secret from the majority of the public. It is possible that most people may have access to such persons and can be able to chat with these individuals who have extensive experience with some or all drugs both legal and illegal.

  3. Define what a drug is.
  4. Another method that can be used for starting an article on drug abuse is presenting definitions for all the terms and points your report has. Definitions can make it easier for readers to understand the material.

  5. Outline the difference between “use” and “abuse” of a drug.
  6. This is a very heavily debated discussion that gets reviewed on many talk shows and radio stations. Explaining this in your article can ensure that your work will be relevant to a larger body of readers.

  7. Conduct a study on the objective physiological effects of each substance on the human body.
  8. Presenting tables and charts that further describe the effects these substances has on a persons senses and coordination is quite necessary in these types of papers.

  9. Consider the relative addictive properties of the substance.
  10. Compare the similarities and differences between the legal and illegal drugs.

  11. Identify substances that should not be illegal but are and give your reasons.
  12. Doing this can boost your report when it comes to being informative.

  13. Discuss the fact that different countries have different law practices pertaining to drugs.
  14. Another angle one can mold their paper with is a discussion on the uniqueness of legislative principles in various countries.

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