Main reasons not to use essay topics found online 

Many students look for help on the internet to write their essays. They do so because they are not confident about their writing skills. They want to get a professional writer to write their paper. Hiring a professional will guarantee a good grade. However, it is not necessary that a professional writes the topics you find on the internet. There are a number of other reasons that, you should not rely on essay topics found on the internet. This article focuses on the main reasons a student should not use online essay topics.

They may not know your teachers instructions

There are a number of sites that offer online essay topics for free. However, you cannot be sure if they meet the standards set by your teacher or university. Your teacher may specify a certain category for writing an essay. The topics you find on the web may not fall under that category

They are not necessarily well thought out

The topic of the essay is a critical milestone in composing a good essay. It requires research, brainstorming, and time. The topics you find on the internet may be hundreds written by the same writer. He may have extended them without taking time to think about each one individually. The topic of your essay needs to be well planned and organized

Risk of plagiarism some other student may use it after you

The sites and articles that offer free topics for essays are easily available to everyone. Due to this reason, everyone can use the topic. Even different people can choose the same topic and use the same essay samples. This way your topic will not remain unique and your teacher might detect plagiarism in your paper. Plagiarized work can lead to rejection of the paper and even suspension from the subject. It is ethically and legally wrong to copy someone’s work or ideas without their consent

The topics might be outdated

You may find a few topics that are relevant to the instructions given by your teacher but, they may be outdated. The topic of your essay must be fresh and recent.

The topics may be controversial

Not everything you find on the internet is true and authenticated. You may mistakenly choose a topic, which is controversial.

Some other reasons can be

  • You might not understand the topic properly
  • Trust your creativity

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