Where to Get Free Examples of Process Essays: 5 Helpful Tips

Remember that a process essay is about telling someone how to get something done. It requires different skills to those you have been using for descriptive or argument essays. To write a good process essay you need to clarify exactly what process you need to cover and to make sure that you present your work in a logical order with a clear progression of ideas. The best way to get a measure of the work you need to do is by looking at examples of other peoples work.

  1. Start by asking your tutor if they have some examples that you could see. They may also be able to give you a crib sheet that not only gives you some good guidance for completing a process essay but also gives you directions on how to present your work.
  2. Go to your school or college library and ask the librarian if they are able to find you some examples of process essays. They may have access examples produced by other schools and colleges.
  3. Have a look online. Using an academic search engine, decide on your key words. Make sure that you make a note of the key words you are using and the order in which you use them. You need to do this because if you use the same words but in a different order you may get a different set of suggestions.
  4. Once you have got a few websites to check out, you need a check-list. Make sure that the examples are actually free. You may have to sign up to the website, but the website is genuine they will not be asking you for any bank or card details. They ask you to sign up with them for two reasons. Firstly, to discourage other writing firms from downloading the examples and secondly, they will probably send you emails about their services and any current offers.
  5. Now you have got this far in the process, you now need to look for examples that are deemed good, so you know what you need to achieve; outstanding, so you know what you need to do to get a higher mark and poor, so you know what not to do. If the examples have been marked and annotated then that is even better. As the process essay is all writing about how to do something, take a little time to read instruction leaflets and note of what makes a good instructional leaflet.

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