The 17 Best Middle School Problem Solution Essay Topics

A problem solution essay should state a problem, describe it, propose a solution, and explain why that particular solution is better, compared to alternative options. Middle school students often write such essays since they need to practice their writing and analytical skills. Teachers often allow them to choose their own paper topics. However, many students have trouble trying to come up with an interesting topic idea.

The list of potential middle school problem solution essay topics is endless. So, it makes sense to look through the best selected ideas in order to get started. The following list includes 17 great paper topics. You can adapt one of these general ideas to your community, situation, or school:

  1. How can parents encourage their kids to spend less time playing video games?
  2. What is the best way to help students deal with long-term homework assignments?
  3. How can you help a friend who is depressed?
  4. What can be done in order to move out from the “friend zone”?
  5. How can people break down cultural and socioeconomic barriers between different groups?
  6. What can prevent students from dropping a high school?
  7. How can we convince teenagers to wear biking helmets?
  8. What can be done in order to prevent deaths and injuries from drunk driving?
  9. What is the best way to handle an illegal immigration problem?
  10. What are the best ways to rehabilitate prisoners so they can find jobs and benefit the community?
  11. How is it possible to reduce the problem of poverty in Africa?
  12. What should teachers do in order to help students learn more effectively?
  13. What should we do about the increase in teenage violence?
  14. How can parents persuade children not to start smoking?
  15. Should college students take student loans?
  16. What is the best way to decrease the local long-term unemployment rate?
  17. Why should big corporations protect wildlife?

The topics provided above are quite broad. You should narrow down the topic that you would like to write about and choose the details that will support your thesis statement. It is a good idea to visit a school writing center and get a middle school problem and solution essay manual. You can also look for an essay sample if you want to check what paper structure works out for such an assignment. In case you still have questions, it is advisable to consult your teacher.

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