5 Unusual Topics for Descriptive Essays

Before you look for an unusual topic for a descriptive essay it's most important that you know exactly what such an essay is all about. The key word of course is descriptive. In a descriptive essay you have to describe how something came into being, how something was able to happen. How well you carry out the description will determine how high the mark you get for your essay.

Remember that this is an academic exercise and one of the keys to getting the best possible mark for your writing is to plan and prepare well, to write well and to proofread well. But that's not the full picture. Your teacher or professor is probably the person who's going to read your descriptive essay. They are your audience. You want to entertain them. You want them to enjoy the reading of your descriptive essay. So bear that in mind when you put pen to paper or start tapping on your keyboard. Ask yourself the question -- will the person reading my descriptive essay find this interesting?

Going for an unusual topic is a good idea. It's good because being unusual it's likely that very few people, if anyone, will have written about this topic before. That gives you a head start, an advantage over your fellow students. It means that the person marking your essay will not groan inwardly or even out loud at having to read again another piece of writing on a well-known topic.

But remember that the choice of topic while unusual still needs to be well-written and to be entertaining. The topic alone won’t make your essay a winner. You still need the same preparation and research and planning to come up with the goods. And a final tip is to let your imagination run free. Having chosen well the topic for your descriptive essay, let its unusual title be matched by your unusual imagination. There are no rules as far as freethinking is concerned. Go for it.

Here are five unusual topics for descriptive essays

  • It is possible to become wealthy without stealing from anyone.
  • There is the equivalent of the Bermuda triangle in my home.
  • I have invented five new rules for football and here they are.
  • Online buying and selling is my new career goal.
  • I have invented a new language which anyone can learn.

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