11 Good Comparison Essay Topics

Writing a comparison essay can be really interesting and even fun. In a comparison essay you are either looking at the similarities or differences between two things. These essays are great because they can be written almost any topic. It is fun to write about two totally different things and then have to try to find the ways that they are similar. You can try comparing things that are controversial, funny, similar, mostly unrelated, or seemingly completely unrelated depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. I have come up with 11 topics that would make for interesting comparison essay topics below.

  1. Abraham Lincoln and President Obama
  2. The American Civil War and the French Revolution
  3. Impressionist and Baroque Art
  4. Jazz and Rock
  5. Adolf Hitler vs. Napoleon Bonaparte
  6. Vikings and Columbus
  7. Natural gas to Petroleum
  8. The Black Plague to Ebola
  9. Modern Fashion to 1800’s European Fashion
  10. Eastern Medicine to Homeopathic Medicine
  11. The Aztecs and the Ancient Egyptians

The trick to writing comparison essays is to try to get people to think. Anyone can compare apples to oranges. They are both fruit, grow on trees, have popular juice drinks, contain internal seeds, are grown in orchards, have many different varieties, and so on. It is a little more difficult to compare what it is like to be president and what it is like to be homeless. Comparison essays are best written about seemingly unrelated topics or controversial topics because they engage the reader and make the writer think as well. Comparing people or jobs can be really interesting. A great paper I once read compared the Astronauts that went to the moon to the Columbus expeditions. The paper was really interesting in the way that it compared the two explorers, and some of the comparisons were things I would have never thought of. There number of comparison essay topics is truly endless and there are so many different topics that remain yet unexplored. Feel free to have fun choosing something that maybe no one else has though of for this one.

Even though you are writing these essays because you “have to,” always make your paper about the reader. Everything you write should be your best work, and a comparison essay is no different. If you are bored writing your essay, your reader will be bored reading it. Make it interesting, it may not be the easiest, but you will feel better writing it and your readers will enjoy it better reading it.

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