Practical Advice On How To Organise Paragraphs In A Narrative Essay

Normally essays are tend to be long because of which it is always advisable to break the whole write-ups into paragraphs to make the reader understand it in a better way. They convey a lot many information and while writing them down those should look neat and clean.

Deciding on the number of paragraphs to be written:

First of all, the writer should keep in mind the length and the number of words to be written. Depending on that, the write-up is to be divided. Each paragraph should contain different information and should clear all doubts of the reader. Some rules should be followed while writing a narrative essay and the ways in which it should be organised are listed as under:

  • The first paragraph should include the viewpoint of the writer and what he plans of writing. He should make his viewpoint clear to his readers so that people don't face any difficulty in understanding the later part.
  • The main part should include the main incident that has happened. The incident should be written in such a way that the readers can think of themselves in that situation and then plan on a decision. Mostly the body part is to be written in emotional and a bit of sympathetic tone to appeal to the hearts of the readers.
  • After completion of the main body, the final paragraph should contain a conclusion. The reader should be able to differentiate whether it was a lesson or any kind of idea or experience of the writer. The writer can also include some examples in the last so as to make the reader believe in the narration.

There is a way that has to be followed while writing these:

  • The reader should feel that he is the one who is telling the story and he should write what he feels.
  • Dialogues are a must while writing such type of writings. Dialogues give a heavy tone to it.
  • The structure of the writing should be different in each paragraph. There should be presence of some interrogative questions too so that the reader can question themselves regarding the narration.
  • The words should be very lively and touching ones to the reader so that the readers can feel the story to its core.

By keeping these points in mind, a writer can expect a positive outcome from his write up.

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