Where to Look for Original Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays are a form of essay writing in which the writer has to convince the reader through strong arguments, logics, facts, and real life examples. Every form of essay is more or less the same if we talk about the format. Each essay consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The body paragraphs are usually three but the number can vary with essay type and topic.

The topic for your essay

The most important thing in an essay is the topic. You might not agree with this statement but stop for a second and think. If you work very hard on your essay and carry out enough research but fail to get an attractive topic, what are the chances of it being a success? Readers will not want to know what the rest of your essay holds if you could not grab their attention from the topic. Let us look at it in another way. Suppose you are at a store and want to buy a product. You go to the specific section and are not sure among many choices you have, how would you pick one? By seeing the cover and packaging of course. You are not very likely to buy a product whose cover does not grab your attention or make you curious about what it holds inside. The case is similar with essay topics.

Where to find original essay topics

You can search many places if you want to get a good essay topic for your persuasive essay like:

  • On the internet
  • In essay guide books
  • In a seniors notes
  • Ask a teacher to help
  • Brainstorm
  • Choose the best topic
  • Choose a topic that is suitable for your grade

Some examples of topics for a persuasive essay

  1. Is it necessary to test expecting mothers for HIV and AIDS?
  2. Should the government take initiative to spread awareness about pollution to the public?
  3. Abortions should be banned legally
  4. Drug abuse can have adverse effects on teens and their future
  5. Which type of education system is better and for what reasons?
  6. Is cosmetic surgery priced fair enough?
  7. Students should choose the subject they are passionate about for advanced level education
  8. Should students enter job after high school?
  9. Life after death does really exist
  10. Media plays an important role in shaping young minds

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