How to Make the Introduction Paragraph of Your Essay Stand Out

If you don't already know it's important to remember that the introduction of your essay is the first impression the reader will get. Okay, they will read the title and the topic will certainly create some sort of response. Once they begin to read the first thing they see is your introduction. And remember the old saying that ‘you do not get a second chance to make a first impression’. So here are some tips to make that introduction seriously effective.

The thesis statement will almost certainly appear in your introduction. The thesis statement is a simple summary of what you are setting out to prove or describe in detail in the rest of your essay. You need to take your time to make the thesis statement as good as possible. One reading of the thesis statement will tell the reader all they want to know. In fact it will prepare them for what is to come. Get the thesis statement right and you make the writing of the rest of your essay so much easier.

The introduction is also a teaser. It needs to arouse the interest of the reader. They get a hint of what is to follow. You can touch on the main points that will appear in the body of the essay without going into any great detail. And this snippet of information should be enough to make the reader want to read the rest.

Brevity is the soul of wit and less is more. Anyone who writes a long and detailed introduction is asking for trouble. Get to the point and get to it quickly. The detail or the meat of your essay will be found in the middle paragraphs. If you like, the introduction is the entrée.

The opening sentence does not necessarily have to be the thesis statement. It could be but doesn't have to be. What the first sentence of your introduction and obviously of your essay has to be is gripping. If you can't create a gripping opening sentence, your essay immediately lacks punch. Some people write their introduction and once they’ve finished it they then write the opening sentence. That might not be a bad idea. It's the same principle that people never write the conclusion until they have finished the complete essay.

While your essay needs to be fully integrated with each paragraph flowing into the next, there's nothing wrong with looking at your essay as three separate sections. The first section is your introduction. Look upon it as a mini essay in itself. It needs a cracking opening, a powerful thesis statement and a snippet of what is to come.

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