22 Winning Discursive Essay Topics To Choose From

Writing a discursive essay has got to be one of the most challenging things that you can ever work on as a student. This is something that should however not be a problem for you these days. Surely, this website can assist you get all the relevant information that you need for the task at hand. To start you off, we will share with you a few topics here, which should set you on the right path.

  1. Discuss the need for employees to use social networks at work
  2. Cite reasons why internet slang like LOL should be in the dictionary
  3. Explain the challenges of overdependence on technology for modern schools
  4. Critique any innovation that has made us lazier than before
  5. Discuss why so many college athletes struggle with school work
  6. Discuss the impact of a “one car per family” policy
  7. Explain the healing capacity of listening to your favorite music
  8. Discuss the extent to which censorship is important for TV channels
  9. Discuss the challenge that is posed by China as a supposed superpower
  10. Explain some of the important things that businesses can learn from employee complaints
  11. Discuss some reasons why attending lectures should be optional
  12. Discuss the extent to which conflicts make a relationship better
  13. Explain why people say smoking helps make acquaintances
  14. Discuss whether teachers and students should interact on social media
  15. Explain some misgivings that we have about first impressions, and their impact on interactions
  16. Explain why energy drinks are just as bad as alcoholic drinks
  17. Explain how to make sure that online students do not cheat
  18. Discuss why virtual reality should not be made easily accessible to kids
  19. Discuss whether peacekeeping missions bring peace to the countries, or if they are just an excuse for countries to invade others and create more war than there was in the first place
  20. Explain the treatments that should be made available for kids who are hyperactive
  21. Discuss how negative PR can help someone become more successful, with a case study on the entertainment industry
  22. When a parent intends to homeschool their kids, discuss some of the things that they need to do in order for them to be ready. Should they have to sit through tests first?

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