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How to improve your essay writing skills

essay writing tipsWhen writing an essay its best to take your time and proofread carefully. But in order to take a basic essay and turn it into something worth reading, one must research their topic to the point where they know exactly what they are talking about without having to read over their essay over and over again. In other words they will have to become an expert on the issue.

  • When outlining and brainstorming they must be very careful to not go off topic and use transitional words and phrases when going from one paragraph to another. Transitions are very important. Writers from use these to avoid confusion as they move from one topic to another.

  • Revisiting your work and letting others review what you have recorded will also help in catching mistakes you would not normally catch when reading it yourself.

  • The best way to improve your essay writing skills is to avoid repetition, have an active voice, ask for second opinions and focus on all the small things that you would not normally focus on.

Also a lot of great writers brainstorm and focus on having an operable outline that tells their story without having to have an essay completed. An outline is a workable plan for your paper. Improving your writing skills could be easily done if one would just cut down on being very wordy with their words and just get straight to the point. Most times writing essays are a challenge and don’t always come out like they should, but with a few of these tips provided below writing a new and improved essay should come as a breeze. Below are a few additional tips someone could take to bring life to their essays.

  • Leading with your main idea-This is something you will usually state in the very first sentence or your thesis and build around.

  • Use active verbs to give your sentences a voice of their own to allow them to tell a story.

  • Use specific nouns and verbs to keep the reader’s engaged.

  • Using a dictionary is the best thing you could use to replace words that you have used over and over again.

  • Proofread and reading aloud will help you get the tone of the essay and give you sense of what needs to be changed and what direction you should be going in.