US History Compare And Contrast Essay Topics: Events You Might Not Heard Of

Comparison essays are one of the most important academic assignments students need to be well proficient at during their school years. These papers teach students to not only complete certain academic requirements but also to think critically, make evaluative decisions, compare subjects and things to one and other and come up with a sound conclusion weighing both sides. If you are to write such a paper, you need to have a list of instructions that you will follow for your school or teacher requirements. Some teachers may want this type of paper only as a fun building and interest activity while others want students to look at it in through an academic perspective. If you are to write such an essay, the most important thing you need to begin with is the idea. Without the basic idea of the subject you are to compare, it will be impossible to move forward with content creation or collection

United States has a vast and happening history ever since Columbus found it. The country shares a wide range of events in religious, political, natural disasters, disease, and progression history. You can start by choosing an area that you like most about the history or are comfortable doing so. If you reside in the country, then it will be easier for you to talk about its history and background because you can relate pretty much to most of the issues. You can get help from your parents and grandparents or visit landmarks representing important events in history. The best idea will be to choose your own state because you know the most about it and the neighborhood. If you live outside of the US then you need to understand the history of the country first and then talk about it. To come up with fresh ideas, you can consider picking one-subject and list possible events under that subject. These will be common so you can include some research material by using first and second hand data. Make sure that the data you include in your paper is relevant, valid, and authenticated

Below are some interesting topics you can use for your essay in US history compare and contrast

  1. The Civil War vs the War of independence
  2. The similarities and differences between 1950’s and 1960’s employment in Alaska
  3. Bill Clinton vs George W. Bush

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