A List of Efficient and Helpful Academic Writing Tips

Sometimes, you have a lot of brilliant ideas in your head. However, when it comes to putting them down on paper, they seem obscure and messy. Academic writing teaches how to redact your thoughts in a way that can be effective to the reader. The skill is rather difficult to master, and requires years of consistent practice from school to university or college. Every student upgrades it at his or her own pace, and develops his or her own unique style of writing within this period of time.

However, there is a set of simple strategies that can help foster it:

  • Plan carefully.

    It is essential to pick out a set of themes you want to analyze in your essay, then select books and articles about them before you start writing. A pile of books on your table or a list of them in your computer will serve your plan for future description and analysis.

  • Write two drafts of your work.

    The first draft is for you. The second one that should be written later is for your target reader. The difference between them is that the first one is for the person who knows every possible detail of the subject matter, while the second one is for somebody who does not fully understand the topic. Compare them to find out whether every point of the first draft is thoroughly explained and justified in the second one.

  • Get used to reading your work aloud.

    This tip, as simple as it may seem, is indispensable in finding mistakes concerning repetition, misprints, commas, colons, and semicolons.

  • Write a powerful introduction.

    The introduction is one of the most important structural elements of the essay. It lures the reader, and sets the tone and pace of the whole piece of writing.

  • Link the paragraphs.

    Each paragraph of the main body is a link in a chain of ideas, so it is necessary to make topic sentences as clear and impactful as possible.

  • Avoid introducing new ideas in your conclusion.

    It will be a disaster to start writing about something new without properly summarizing the disclosed topics, because the conclusion is meant to sum up every idea you have addressed.

The final tip is to take a break if you feel you need one. Sometimes, ten minutes spent on drinking a cup of coffee can help you stop panicking and doubting your ability to cope with the written task. When you calm down, there is a chance that you will find the exact words to express your ideas.

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