Where to find original 7th grade essay topics to assign to students 

If you are assigning a 7th grade essay you may be struggling to find a topic that is original and that your students would not have written about before. As a teacher it is up to you to come up with the various essay topics assigned to students but so often it seems that 7th graders are given the same topics year after year. This presents no challenge for them especially if they have older siblings or older friends who have written on the topic before and already exposed them to it. It also doesn’t help if it is an unoriginal and common topic because chances are it will be available online and students won’t be forced to think critically about it.

So if you can only think of topics that have already been written about or that other students are covering you need to find a place that has original topics. But where can you find original 7th grade essay topics to assign to your students? The internet has a vast array of potential topics. The best part about is that you can take topics intended for older audiences and then craft them to fit within your grade level or the course you are teaching.

Reviewing previous examples for a high school science class might inspire you to degrade the topic a bit and make it more 7th grade appropriate. You can look into high school literature topics and take from it a topic that is better suited for a 7th grader but is also unique and never before covered in your class.

Review these example topics below and see if anything strikes you:

  • Should it be illegal to deny the Holocaust?
  • Has the creation of Homeland Security made America safer?
  • In certain states cheating on a spouse is illegal. Should cheaters be prosecuted? If a law is never enforced, is it still considered a law?
  • Should illegal immigrants be allowed citizenship? Should there be different statuses for them with limitations?
  • Are children less socialized and less intelligent because of the internet?
  • Should juvenile offenders be tried as adults?
  • Should we cease importing Chinese-manufactured toys because of the threat of lead poisoning?

These topics can be expanded or deflated to fit your needs and the level of your class. You might even propose different degrees of difficulty for a particular assignment and assign them to students based on their previous grades.

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