How to Write an AP Biology Essay: Common Questions and Answers

The AP biology exam consists of two large essays in addition to six shorter questions. Learning how to write intelligent and direct responses in a very fast timeframe can mean the difference between a score of three or a score of five. Below are some tips on how you can write a strong biology paper:

  1. The first thing you must remember is the purpose of your paper. The purpose of this exam paper is to prove to the person grading your paper that you have mastered the rudimentary biological science course. Each part of your essay needs to be devoted to ensuring that your reader consensus. The people who grade your paper are often high school teachers themselves were lower grade college teachers. They sit in a room and they grade essay after essay. This means that they will tire very fast. And essays that get to the point immediately and stay on target the entire time will often earn a higher grade.
  2. The second thing you need to remember is to always write in complete sentences. Do not try and be cute or funny. If your essay demands that you describe the digestive pathways, do not write a paper from the perspective of a piece of meat the travels through the digestive tract. Get a straightforward answer. Make sure that you organize your paper in the same manner that the question is organized. If your essay question has three separate parts. Write one paragraph for each of the three parts in the order in which they appear. Label them in accordance to the labeling they have in the question.
  3. Remember that your essay will be scored on a point system, and that the people grading your paper are searching for specific statements or specific answers in order to give you points.
  4. Always answer the exact question asked. Do not answer more and do not answer less. If you are asked to provide three examples, only give three examples. If you provide for, the greater is going to only grade the first three and they will ignore the fourth. You will not earn extra points by adding extra examples. Do not see you all of the data that you know onto the greater. You do not have to prove your intellect by telling the greater everything you've ever learned in this field. Just answer the question and answer it well.

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