Strong Definition Essay Topics: List Of Suggestions

Most words can be defined in the dictionary but what about the terms like love, honor, and trustworthy.  Yes they do have definitions in dictionaries but these terms have a different meaning to each person.  The point of a definition essay is to take terms like this and define them in your own terms.  Explaining what they mean to you. Like any other essay you have to have examples, facts, and story that relates to this term.

You can start you essay off with the definition of this word per the dictionary and then lead them into the story, facts, or examples that define the word to you.  For example, when people say that they love someone, it can have different meanings.  For instance, some say love gives them butterflies in their stomach, while others say it makes their heart race.  You can talk about what happens in your body during these emotions.  The point is to take something that most people know as a definition in the dictionary and define it in your own terms.

Suggestions Of Topics

  • Kindness:  This means being friendly or generous to others.  Kindness can come in many forms and you can tell the reader about how you used kindness or how someone else was kind to you.
  • Sense Of Humor: Being comical and being able to make others laugh is a great quality in a person but what do you consider a good sense of humor.  Everyone has their own sense of humor, what is your sense of humor?
  • Optimism:  Being optimistic means you look on the bright side of things and know that good will prevail but what is optimism?  Sometimes looking on the bright side of things is not the best choice, how would you define optimism?
  • Respect:  Having a deep admiration for someone else or yourself, which a good quality in a person.  How would you define respect?  What does it take to earn your respect?
  • Beauty:  Beauty comes in many forms and it is hard to define this topic.  Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  They say this because everyone has a different definition of beauty.  What is your definition of beauty?
  • Ambitions:  Everyone has their own ambitions that they strive to achieve.  Ambitions are what pushes us to do better or help use reach a goal.  What is your ambitions and how would you define this term?

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