A list of "of mice and men" essay topics

Of Mice and Men was published by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck back in the year 1937. The novel has been integrated into the syllabi of several fields of academia. The book is based upon two migrants and their job hunting efforts in California during the dark period of Great Depression.

A common question all these students (who are to read this novel a course prerequisite) ask is “What sort of essay questions should they prepare for their assessment exams?” This article will help you get rid of some ambiguity concerning the issue.

Frequently Asked Essay Questions:

  1. Give a brief synopsis of the John Steinbeck’s famous novella “Of Mice and Men”.
  2. Throw light on the relationship between George and Lennie and comment on the nature of their friendship?
  3. List down the major characters in the book and state how they communicate with one another?
  4. Of Mice and Men has a very dark and gloomy theme. Build an argument in favor or against this claim?
  5. Why is George sad at the end of the novel?
  6. How does Lennie die? Discuss its impact on George.
  7. Discuss Of Mice and Men along the themes of Loneliness and Tragedy.
  8. Do you agree with the claim that the novel is about the death of the American Dream?

Suggested Essay Topics:

  1. What are your thoughts about the relationship between men in this book?
  2. Draw a character sketch of Slim, Crooks, and Curley. What roles do they play and how are they essential to the story?
  3. Give your views about Curley’s wife as a lone female?
  4. How does the author use nature as a tool for symbolism in the novel?
  5. Discuss the connection between the novel and Robert Burns poem? Compare and contrast the work of Steinbeck and Burns.
  6. How does the novel fit the example of “foreshadowing” in literature?
  7. Discuss the relationship of man and nature in the book?
  8. Comment on the historical significance of “Of Mice and Men”.
  9. Comment on Steinbeck’s style of writing in the book? What are some prominent literary techniques used by Steinbeck?
  10. Comment on the relationship between Lennie and the wife of Curley .
  11. Why do you think George and Lennie are always travelling?
  12. Give an account of Lennie’s mental retardation?

This is all you need to know about writing a topic about “Of mice and men”

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