Easy Steps to Take to Find a Good Literary Analysis Essay Example

A literary analysis requires you to fully analyze a how and why a work of literature such as a poem, a short story, a play or a novel was written in the first place. Most literature criticism is based off of literary analyses written throughout history. In college and in grad school, a literary analysis is usually just a few pages long, but the assignment is certainly made easier when one has an example to review. Here are some easy steps to take to find a good example:

Ask Your Literature Professor for Examples

Your college or graduate school professor will likely have files complete with hundreds of essay examples from former students. These examples are great because they present what your professor believes are the best pieces of writing and what it is he expects from you. Ask for examples on topics that are closely related to what you are thinking of writing on. The connection might only be on the same author or style of writing but it may stir some of your ideas.

Search Academic Journals for Examples

Another great place to look is at your local library, which will have several years’ worth of literary journals which will have a variety of essay styles. Again, if you could find sample essays on topics that closely resemble your own, you’ll have an easier time starting and finishing your own essay. Be sure to go to the library as soon as you get your assignment, since other students will probably head there as well to find examples for their own works.

Purchase an Example from a Professional Writing Service

Professional writing services are excellent sources for example papers. You can purchase assignments that have been previously used and proven to earn A+ grades or purchase a newly written literary analysis essay on a topic of your choice. Be sure, however, to not attempt to hand in these papers as your own since that is considered cheating and could get you into a lot of trouble.

Ask Literature Graduates for an Example

Lastly, be sure to post your request to the online community and attempt to find graduate students who are happy to present you with examples of their past work. You may even be able to get some one-on-one assistance. Ask for assistance in reviewing your work and offer some suggestions for revisions.

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