Writing A Winning Introduction Paragraph For A Literary Essay

Every literary essay must set off with an introduction which primarily consist of the first paragraph. Markers can either be captivated or discouraged by it. In the latter case, you are more susceptible to getting a lesser grade compared to your counterpart who incorporates all the essential writing skills. Nevertheless, do not panic. Here is a perfect solution for you.

Use attention-grabbing words

Every reader wishes to be presented with an interesting work that engages his or her mind. This can be achieved by annulling from the use of the most commonly employed terms such as clich├ęs. Instead, you should employ high levels of originality through involving a creative mind.

Be brief and concise

Basically, a good introduction should be brief and precise, that is, should be covered in only on paragraph. This should extend to five or six lines. Avoid lengthy paragraphs as they can lower the quality of your work.

Capture the thesis

As a writer, you need to inform your audience about the main idea of focus. This should come out clearly in the first paragraph. It should be relevant to the given topic and should be easily comprehended. Use a simple language that does not present hard times in trying to get the targeted meaning.

Focus on the topic

Every introduction should be concentrated on the topic given by the lecturer. This is substantive as it maintains relevancy and aids the reader to have a good apprehension of the entire text. The basis for this relies on whether you researched or not.

Carry out a research

Before you can commence crafting your text, it is important to prepare by getting sufficient knowledge from a wide range of resource materials. These can be textbooks from the library, germane journals and magazines and searching for the data from pertinent websites. As you conduct this, have a piece of paper where you can write the information to avoid forgetting.

Understand the question asked

Every lecturer has certain expectations for every question posed. Therefore, ensure you take some few minutes of your productive time to read through and comprehend every detail. Underline stressing words that need extensive cognition and ask for clarification if you do not understand.

Employ divulging descriptive words

For any text to be labelled effective, the writer must be well versed with respective keywords. These can be obtained through conducting a prior exploration and later brainstorming the details. However, they should not be complicated as your audience may spend much time in finding the exact meaning.

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