10 Interesting Topics for an Expository Essay

Sometimes, coming up with a topic for your essay is a real problem. But an expository essay can really concern any topic that you might have something to say on. It can be your line of interest, your hobby, or anything you might be interested in. Here is a list of 10 topics that are suitable for an expository essay genre to help you come up with a good idea:

  1. How do musical rhythms affect our brainwaves on a daily basis?

    Music is life. Can punk music actually change life for a listener?

  2. What are the main methods of the social media propaganda?

    Talk about what effect it produces in today’s world and how it’s done.

  3. Is there a sense in riding a BMX?

    Try persuading your readers or listeners into taking interest in your favourite sporting activity.

  4. How are the current policies of the world’s superpowers connected with a historical result of World War 2?

    Some policies make patterns that repeat themselves throughout history. Some events make huge historical impacts. Try figuring out which of the political processes and movements during WWII have influenced today’s world politics and how.

  5. If all humans always had a good sense of humor, would there be wars?

    Fantasize about how the world would be if all humans were able to laugh at themselves.

  6. The hard truths about the music industry that the general population isn’t aware of.

    Why do so little good bands appear every day? Why do they last for such short times? Why haven’t you and your band become famous and successful yet? Try finding out the reasons behind it.

  7. What does being a hero really mean?

    Try remembering one or several heroic deeds you have done or witnessed in your life. What makes them heroic? What do all the world’s heroes have in common?

  8. How difficult is it to be a productive genius?

    If you are a genius, you have been gifted, but it can get extremely hard for you to survive surrounded with mediocre people who envy you or fear you for your special talents. How can it be overcome?

  9. Gravitational Space-Time Curvature. Is it really complicated?

    Try telling what the theory of bending time and space really implies. Can we all understand it and start researching the phenomenon to find out the way we can greatly benefit from it? Or is it too complicated and unrealistic?

  10. What is the most important part of freedom?

    Try arguing your thoughts on what you consider the most important part of being free. What kind of freedom do you consider the most true and valuable?

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