10 Most Common Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

There is no real way of measuring the absolute most common argumentative research paper topics for college students. But it is easy to list 10 topics that are very popular, and that many students tend to write on. Choosing the topic for your essay can be the most important part of the essay composition process, so look carefully at this list and maybe choose one of these to give yourself a good start.

  1. Higher Education

    Some thinkers, and many parents, now feel that a college or university education is a luxury, because a degree is no longer a guarantee of a good job. What do you think?

  2. Drugs

    Drugs should be legalised – do you agree with this statement? If so, explain your reasons. Many feel that legalised drugs could mean better monitoring of the problem of drug use and addiction.

  3. Immigration

    A continuously hot topic is immigration: what kinds of restrictions should be put on people entering your country? Should refugees always be accepted?

  4. Tax

    Do you agree with the amount of taxation that the government applies to every area of life? You pay on earnings, on spending, on inheritance, on pretty much everything is there an alternative?

  5. Retirement

    Should the retirement age be lowered, or increased? As life span increases, is there an argument that we should have to work for more of our lives? Or, as population increases and there is a strain on the employment market, should we retire sooner to free up jobs?

  6. Democracy

    Is democracy the best system of government? Can you see any alternatives? An argument in favour of an alternative system would make a fascinating paper.

  7. Foreign Wars

    Should we go to war with countries that are not threatening us directly? Or, should we begin to reduce our armed forces and focus on domestic issues?

  8. Sex

    Do you agree with sex before marriage? Children out of wedlock? Do you have a particular moral or religious perspective on this issue?

  9. Show Biz

    Do you think that the world of show business and pop music is over sexualised? Has the fun gone, and been replaced with obscenity?

  10. The Natural World

    How far should we go to protect the natural world? Is it ok to destroy ancient forests for farmland? Should we be concerned about the extinction of other animals?

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