How to write a good 5 paragraph essay and meet all the requirements 

Writing an essay is not that hard as it seems. Once you set off to write, it would become easier for you as you will get focused and will write in a flow.

Know your subject

When you have decided the topic, you should conduct a search that is related to your required topic. Research will help you in writing according to your topic. You can search on web, getting details from a library and you can get information from a friend or a professor. After getting the relevant information, you can easily draw an outline to give a rough structure to your essay.

Make an outline

Creating an outline would be helpful; it would not only give a rough structure to your body but also will help you in organizing it.

Draw a rough draft

After getting it done, draw a rough draft of it. Only include the relevant information. Remove the irrelevant information. This would help you in sticking to your topic.

Write an engaging introduction

Introduction needs to be catchy. If you become successful in writing an attractive introduction, then you would absolutely grab the reader’s interest.

Make the body

Body needs to be based upon the introduction. Your body should be of 5-6 paragraphs, and should be enriched of information. The relevant information should be kept in same paragraph. Avoid repetition.

Keep transition between sentences smooth

Transition should be smoothed in ending up one sentence and it would become easier for a reader to distinguish between one and the other sentence. You can add statistics to your paragraph.

Include example

Including examples could give the reader a better understanding of what you are trying to deliver. Try to include daily routine examples as they could easily hook your reader’s attraction.

Summarize your essay in the conclusion

Conclusion is basically the extract of your entire essay. It should not miss the important points of your essay. All you need to do is summarize your 5 body’s paragraph into one conclusion paragraph.

Revise your essay

Revising your essay could help you in recognizing your mistakes. Go through the essay twice so that the mistakes should be recognized. You can take help from a teacher or a friend to go through the essay and find the ways of making it better. Revision is really a good habit. It gives you the clues of refining your essay.

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