Orson Welles

Many people across the world are usually afraid of venturing into new fields. They love doing what has already been done in the past. This was not the case for Orson Welles. He was among the first people to venture into film industry. He is in fact hailed to have changed this industry in areas such as radio, cinema and theatre.

Orson’s early life

Orson was born in 1915 in quite an influential family. Despite being born in a wealthy family, Orson did not experience an enviable childhood. His problems started at the age of four due to the divorce of his parents. Soon after this divorce, Orson’s father started abusing alcohol which actually interfered with his work. Eventually, he stopped working. Orson’s mother had been suffering from hepatitis which worsened over time. She unfortunately passed away as Orson turned nine. With all this drama in his life, Orson barely attended school. After the death of his mother, he schooled for a very short time. Then his father took him on a journey to different places such as Jamaica. Considering Orson’s father was a drunkard, this journey is considered to have been quite terrible for Orson. It is not clear whether he was the one taking care of his father, despite being a child, or the other way round. After returning from this journey, Orson’s father died a little while later when Orson was at the age of 15.

Orson’s career

Orson tried his hands on almost everything around entertainment. In theatre, he started work on a project at Federal Theatre. This project mainly created job opportunities. However, Orson did not consider being an employee at the theatre. He created numerous stage productions. During his creations, he never worried about getting actors because Federal Theatre Project handled that. One of his huge pieces of work, Macbeth employed more a hundred individuals. With this production, Orson did a national tour journey of 4000 miles. During this journey, he spent two weeks in Texas, for performance purposes. Besides theatre, he concurrently did radio work. This work included acting, writing, directing and producing. He was so successful on radio that his weekly earnings averaged around $2000. One of his radio works was, The Mercury Theatre on the Air. This program was aired every week for an hour for thirteen weeks. Orson was the main character in the program. Just like other established entertainment persons, Hollywood is usually a dream destination. Orson worked in by producing movies such as Citizen Kane.

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