5 Best Places To Get Short Expository Essay Examples

Most people that I know would expect to get their hands on an example before beginning to write their expository essay. Usually, your lecturer will hand these out as standard to the class. It’s not at all realistic to expect someone to write an essay totally from blind; especially if it is their very first time. If for some reason there has been a breakdown in communication, or the examples provided weren’t quite what you were looking for then don’t worry there are several places that you can go to for this information.

Here are the 5 best places to get short expository essay examples;

School books

I know that this probably sounds as though I am stating the obvious, but it is true. There is a whole market for books of this nature and I am sure that you will have been giving a reading list prior to starting your course. It would be foolish, having paid out for the resources to start looking elsewhere, when the answers that you are looking for are most likely sitting in your bag, or on your bookshelf.

Google Scholar

Haven’t tried Google Scholar yet? OMG, what are you waiting for. Out of all of the online resources available this is by far the best. What’s more you get to pick and choose. You can effectively cherry pick from the crop of papers available. Google, being the global giant that it is there is an abundance to choose from and there is definitely no shortage of long or short ones.

Your college library

While there is no harm in visiting your local library if it is large, then I would suggest that you try your college library. These places are teeming with examples of every kind of paper imaginable and the benefit of selecting your college library over say an internet source is that the paper will most likely be closely aligned to your needs. It is probable that the core curriculum doesn’t change on a regular basis and so this is a major advantage.

Friends and family

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find friends and family that are prepared to help you out by offering up samples for you to borrow. As with my previous point they have probably also studied at the same academic institution and therefore the materials should be a good fit.

Pay for them

While there is clearly a price tag attached, this is one of the best ways I know of obtaining a short example of an expository essay. Because you are paying for the service then it will also be tailored to your specific requirements.

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