Why Caged Birds Sing

In human life, birds are the ultimate symbol for total freedom, and represent a pick in human life where a person wants to be, in terms of financial independence, movement or human rights activities. We always dream of flying away from our daily troubles. Let’s examine why when we caged birds turn into singing. Humans have violated bird’s rights of freedom of movement by caging birds as a pet. Like Angelou (1983) puts it, a caged bird also sing for freedom; because of the wings are clipped it can’t fly and the feet are confined in a small movement area.

Birds sing because of love; science has shown that in the brain of a bird, neurons and hormones create a symphony thus they induce a sexual motivation in the system the theory developed by Goforth. Mating songs are usually long and lasts up to a minute, thus the female birds listen and judges the which is healthiest male to mate, even if male it loses the female bird.

To mark the territory the bird establishes particular tunes, which are unique and identify able by other birds. Thus the birds tend to mark the cage as its territory. Birds sing to warn others of danger as a means of communication to the other birds. Birds sing to signify happiness, health or being in a state of being contented. In the morning the sings also in the evening birds sing before retiring to sleep to connect with other creatures. Depending on the tone of voice; either low or high they communicate a certain message to attract some attention. A growing song is a sign that the environment is not conducive and should be checked.

A bird is a social creature with feelings to bond with other living things. Thus, in singing a bird can be feeling bored or its expressing some frustration. In such times the caged birds are seeking attention of the owner to have some bonding time. Also it’s a sign that they are not satisfied with the kind of food provided thus they are expressing some dissatisfaction to the cage owner.

Thus birds sing for various reasons and as a pet owner it’s advisable always to know the tone of the song, this will help in understanding the behavior of the bird.

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