Bengali American Culture

Culture is a unique element that influences elements of human nature and daily living. Bengali is in relation to the country of Bangladesh. It refers to the people who live the culture of the country. There are differences between American and Bengali cultures, but some have managed to find a compromise within each one. Others feel the Bengali American culture is simply a blend of two cultures that mostly focuses on family relations. In understanding this culture it helps to review important pieces that make it unique. The same pieces may help in understanding how the culture is blended within a particular family.

Bengalis are known for treasuring family and valuing your role or place within it. For instance, many value wisdom and importance of those who are considered seniors or elders. The people in the family who are the oldest tend to offer unique insight on how to lead the family through one generation to the next. There is high respect for tradition. People in the family may look to traits exercised by their elders. They treasure guidance and advice that is crucial to how they carry tradition. In many cases, these families have closer relationships with their members than those of an American family.

An American family may value its members but it may not be seen as significant with a Bengali family. Americans may not value their elders as much or their advice. This aspect is interesting since many Americans are raised with the understanding that people older than them have more experience. But, at the same time it can be seen as a missed opportunity for advancement when you don’t act on advice given to you. A tradition such as a birthday celebration can have a different meaning. Some families living the Bengali American culture may celebrate their special day two different ways to honor each tradition.

Bengali American culture is fused with aspects from two entities. The American culture may be different but it is often open to being mixed with other cultures of the world. Many believe the Bengali American culture simply helps those preserve their roots. If a family moved from Bangladesh to the United States they likely would want to keep their culture in tacked. They may practice traditions within their home to ensure their children do not lose touch with cultural roots. They simply want to fit into American culture while staying true to their own.

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