Academic Writing Ideas: A List Of Good Essay Topics To Research

If you want to write an outstanding essay, you really must choose an outstanding topic. We know that it’s not always easy to do this, which is why we’ve compiled this great list of excellent essay topics for you to choose from.

The history of zoos

Zoos have been around for hundreds of years, sometimes in the form of personal menageries. You can discuss the history of zoos, going back as far as possible.

Violence in sport

Many team sports are becoming more violent. Discuss why this is happening, what can be done to stop it, and any negative impacts it has (apart from injuries to players).

The history of a ghost story

There are so many interesting ghost stories, and some of them are based on fascinating events.

Joan of Arc's mental health

Recently, there has been some speculation as to whether Joan of Arc actually suffered from schizophrenia, which brought on her visions. You can research suggestion, and critically discuss it in your paper.

Music for cats

A team of scientists has recently made a piece of music that they say cats will enjoy. They used various techniques that musicians use to make enjoyable music for humans. Discuss this experiment in you paper.

Holistic healing’s place in modern health care

There is no doubt that treating the whole patient instead of a cluster of symptoms is the best way to care for people suffering from a variety of illnesses. Research this topic and discuss the role that holistic healing has in modern health care.

Colour vision in humans and other animals

Different animals (including humans) see the world in varying degrees of colour. For example, birds see many more colours than humans, while humans see more colours than dogs. You can describe and discuss these differences in your paper. Also touch on the possible reasons for these differences in colour vision.

Human chimeras

There have been a number of scientifically documented cases of people who have more than one DNA profile in their bodies. This rare phenomenon is called chimerism, and can result from a number of different circumstances. Research and discuss human chimeras in your paper. Also include a description of a case study.

Performance-enhancing drugs in sport

The sports news is often filled with stories about professional athletes using performance-enhancing drugs. Some people suggest that it is time to legalise these drugs, instead of wasting so much money trying to test every athlete. Discuss the pros and cons of this proposition.

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