Appropriate Techniques On How To Write An Essay About A Film


Doing a film analysis can be fun and will have you looking at movies in a whole new light.  Writing a film analysis essay can be difficult as well, because you have to look at a film like you have never done before and analyze certain aspects of it.  These are some techniques that you should always do when you are writing an essay about a film. 

How To

  • The first thing you have to do is to watch the movie.  Watch the movie and enjoy it, don’t think about what you are going to write the first time.
  • Next, you will need to watch it again but this time with a pen and paper.  Also, be prepared to rewind and pause so you don’t miss something. 
  • Now that you have watched the movie twice or even more, you now have to figure out what aspect of the movie you will be writing about.  This can be dialogue, hidden meanings, or whatever you are suppose to be looking for in the movie.

Parts Of Your Essay

  • In the introduction of you essay you should give a brief description of the major actors and their roles as well as the director and writer.  This will give your audience some background on the people that helped put this masterpiece together.
  • Next you want to tell you audience about the story in the movie without giving too much away.  This will give the reader a breakdown of the story and maybe even persuade them to go see it. 
  • Now it is time to give your analysis, you should be by your television while you are doing this.  This is so you can watch parts of the movie again in case you missed something or need more inspiration.
  • The last paragraphs should go over the filmmaking aspect of the movie, like point of view, camera angles, things like this as well as your overall view of the film. 

Thing To Keep In Mind

  • You should always watch the movie the first time uninterrupted, so you can pay close attention to the story.  If, after you do this, you are still confused on the story, watch it one more time before you start taking notes.
  • Take good notes during the movie the second time you watch it and keep in mind what you are looking for so you can find it easier. 
  • Lastly, have fun with it.  You get to watch a movie and analyze its visual storytelling and beauty.  

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