Writing Ideas: 20 Good Essay Topics For Grade 7

Herein are some easy essay topics for 7th graders. These are very simple topics which are aimed at improving their imaginative capacity, and helping their brains develop into critical thinkers as they grow up.

  1. Imagine that the world stopped spinning, what do you think you would see in a matter of minutes?
  2. A friend of yours has just fallen down into a hole that is not too deep, but one that they cannot climb out of immediately. How can you help them?
  3. Write about someone that you always want to impress almost all the time
  4. Use your imagination and write about the possibilities and what would happen if you were not able to see the darkness in the evening
  5. Do you think your country should host the Olympics? Give your reasons
  6. You have heard about the 7 wonders of the world, describe them in a few paragraphs
  7. Explain why you always feel so much joy when your team is winning
  8. Write about how important the internet is to your generation
  9. Do you think too much internet is bad or are parents just overreacting?
  10. How much time do you spend watching TV? If you were a parent, would you reduce or allow more time?
  11. Should schools increase or reduce the play time that kids are allowed in school?
  12. Should you be allowed to come to school during the weekends?
  13. Learning is important, discuss some of the ways that this works for you
  14. If you were a parent, what would you do to make your kids happy?
  15. Would you be sad if your parents cancelled your trip to Disneyland and bought you one of your favorite gifts?
  16. If you come across a huge sum of money hidden under a bridge, what would you do with that money?
  17. Explain why some people rob banks. If you could talk them out of it, what would you tell them?
  18. Imagine you were president for a day, how would you behave? What laws would you pass?
  19. If you could sit down and have a chat with God, what would you tell Him to do?
  20. If your teacher does not come to school one day and you are asked to take charge of the class, how would you control the class?

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