Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas That You Won't Find Anywhere Else

When you are assigned a persuasive essay with an open topic, it is at first hard to decide what to write about. As you have probable found out already, in a persuasive essay you need to adopt a point of view, support it with evidence. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to write about something you can relate to. Choose a topic that is connected to your everyday life, rather than one that you have never heard about before. This will make your writing passionate, which is one of the key factors in persuading someone your topic is correct. Here are a few suggestions of what you may write about.

  1. Educational issues or thing you would like to change in your school and/or curriculum. This is something you are confronted to every day and have for sure developed your position about by now. If you have something valuable to say and will be able to prove it, go for it.

    • The school year shall be increased (decreased).
    • Classes shall start later.
    • The length of the class shall be increased (decreased).
    • The list of the obligatory subjects shall be changed.
    • There shall be a special way of punishment for bullies.
    • Test is not an accurate way to assess the knowledge.

  2. Parent-children relations, family relations. It is also a great source of topics, as you get involved in it every day. Just do not turn your paper in several pages of complaining about your family issues, be professional!

    • Curfews can help keep children out of trouble.
    • Family problems shall be solved by the whole family together.
    • A child shall have a say in the question of custody starting from the age of 6.
    • School cannot involve in the family situations.

  3. Technology. Not the highly scientific machines you know almost nothing about, but the items that make your everyday life easier. Think about a problem that has ever happened to you or someone of your friends and talk about it.

    • Phones shall be banned during class and allowed during breaks.
    • Lavatory passes shall be removed.

  4. Other problems and arguable issues you are confronted to every day. All the problems that you know enough about are good.

    • English shall remain the only official language in the US.
    • Cigarette smoking shall be banned in all public places.
    • Part-time jobs that do not involve big responsibility shall be allowed since 14 years old.

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