Frankenstein is an incredibly popular book written by Mary Shelley, not necessarily her best book and yet one of the books for which she is most famous. In this book, there are many things to learn and glean from the text. Mary Shelley wrote this book in the summer of 1816 after she had left her family and traveled with her lover to this without. She was trapped inside for days with her lover and many of her friends. All artistic to some degree, the friends entertain themselves by holding a competition to see who could tell the best ghost story.

The story of Frankenstein was composed as Mary's submission. And soon it became a bestseller. Her lover, a man over whom her family did not approve, a man who was married at the time that she ran away with him, whose wife died shortly thereafter, committing suicide pregnant with Mary's lover’s child, acted as her editor for the Frankenstein manuscript. He actually became the publisher and her name was written under the preface because of the time, a woman could not become a bestseller. She turned to poetry and writing after the death of her husband in order to support herself and her children. She even continued to work on some of his works posthumously.

And Frankenstein focuses on the danger of knowledge. And also on the heartbreak that loneliness can bring. This book is one told by the captain of the ship in the letters he writes to his sister. His mission is interrupted by ice near the North Pole and wiliest trap team counters Victor Frankenstein, somebody was been traveling by a dog sled across the ice. The sea captain nurses the man back to health and here's the tale of the monster that created Frankenstein.

Victor describes his life in Geneva and a blissful childhood that he enjoyed. He describes his study and chemistry and natural philosophy and the desire he had to discover the secret of life. It takes several years for him to remain convinced that he has stumbled upon the secret of life. This information he spends months creating a creature out of old body parts and finally brings this creature life. But as he does he is horrified by what he sees. He cannot sleep fearful that the monsters looming over him and this fear drive them into the streets in remorse. When he returns to his apartment he finds the monster has left and falls into illness. He is sickened by his deed but receives a letter that his youngest brother has been murdered. He returns home full of grief and catches the side of the monster. It is then that he is convinced the monster is responsible for the murder of his brother. The book continues to tackle such themes as sublime nature secrecy and abortion.

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