How to Write an Interesting Essay about Anything

Writing an essay gives you a perfect opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas on the problem that bothers you or you are interested in. The process of writing can be rather boring and painful if you don't know the basic steps of creating a good essay. But for those who know them the writing turns into an engaging process of expressing your thoughts and sharing them with your intended readers. So, when you are writing an essay you should keep in mind the following steps which will help you write an interesting essay on any topic.

Basic steps you should follow to make your essay perfect:

  1. Choose the topic you are really interested in. Make sure you know what to write. If you feel you lack the information or knowledge, surf the net, visit online libraries and data bases, read critical reviews, etc. Don't miss any opportunity to find more information on the problem you are going to write about. You must be an expert in the topic you are writing the essay on!

  2. Think about your readers. Decide whether they will be interested in what you intend to write.

  3. Make analysis of all the material and information you have found. Read similar essays paying attention to their structure and logics.

  4. Choose the title for your essay. Make sure you can write your essay according to it.

  5. Make a plan of your essay. Decide whether it is coherent.

  6. Choose the best idea for your thesis. Without the thesis statement your essay will be a complete failure.

  7. Write an introduction. It must give the reader a good idea of what will be written in the essay. Keep in mind that the introduction should draw the attention of the reader. It introduces the problem of your essay and brings the reader to your arguments.

  8. Make clear that every paragraph of your essay presents an idea that confirms your thesis. Express your thoughts as clear and sensible as you can. Talk to your reader as if you have a real conversation.

  9. Write the conclusion. In the conclusion you should analyze all the arguments and decide which is the strongest. But it doesn't mean that you are to repeat all the key facts ones more. You should add something new and not repeat what you have already mentioned.

  10. Edit and proofread your essay after you have written it. This step gives you an opportunity to correct mistakes and add missing paragraphs.

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