How to write an effective persuasive essay: 4 basics to build your paper on

The persuasive essay is commonly referred to as the argument essay. It is an essay that requires logic and reason in order to show that your idea is more legitimate than the opposing ideas. The purpose of the persuasive essay is to persuade your reader to adopt your view point or to take the action you suggest. The argument you use requires solid evidence and sound reasoning, all of which should be supported by facts, examples, logical reasons, or quotes from experts in the field.

When you begin planning for your persuasive essay you should follow these steps:

  1. You need to pick a side. You need to decide which side of an issue or which side of the problem you are going to focus on for your essay. You also need to determine what solution you will offer in your essay. You should really get to know the purpose of your essay before you start writing, and this is how you do that.

  2. Take a moment to analyze the audience. Decide if the audience (also known as your readers, and in many cases, the professor) will agree with you, will disagree with you, or are neutral on the subject.

  3. Research your topic thoroughly. You need to provide convincing evidence that is very specific in this type of paper. The evidence must support your side of things. You will need to research beyond your experience and knowledge in order to craft a winning persuasive essay. You will need to use other resources available at your school or public library. You might conduct interviews with an expert in the field, review books, look over peer-reviewed articles on the topic. Find all of the information you can on the subject.

  4. Make sure you review both sides to the argument as well. If you present only your side, and do not address the opposition at all, it will not make for a very convincing argument. You need to be able to present both sides and subsequently offer evidence as to why your side is better or the best side.

  5. Structure the paper. Determine what evidence you found in your research which you want to include in the paper. Then figure out the best order in which to present this evidence. Remember to bear in mind the purpose of your paper, who your audience is, and the topic on which you are writing before you craft your final paper.

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