Top 20 Division and Classification Essay Topics

The most important criterion for your division/ classification essay topic is the possibility to break your topic in several parts, as this is the main goal of your paper: explaining the concept through dividing it into the consistent parts. You need to think your paper through before you start writing and make sure you will have enough material to write about. It is better to change your topic at this point that to have to rewrite the whole paper after.

You will see that a topic for a division/ classification essay can be something really simple. You don't have to operate complex concepts or be a professional in the necessary field of study to complete the paper of this type. Just be creative and think of a new approach to the primitive things. We have made a list of the most suitable topics for a division/classification essay, you can consider some of them if you are stuck in your choice. But don't limit yourself with the topics you see here. Think about the things from your everyday life you will be interested in learning more about. May this list be a good start for your brainstorming.

  • Ways to lose weight without physical exercising.
  • Users of a photo-based social network.
  • Means of public transportation.
  • Hobbies, popular among high school/ college students.
  • Video-gamers.
  • College/ University professors.
  • Shopping behaviors/ patterns (based on mall shopping).
  • How people choose Christmas/ birthday presents.
  • Relation of people to the ecological problems.
  • Clients and their behavior in stressful situations.
  • How cafĂ© employees treat clients.
  • Fast food restaurants.
  • Colleges based on the tuition they require.
  • Ways of swimming.
  • Make-up/ cosmetics users.
  • How different people read a book.
  • Movie theater visitors.
  • How different people treat flights.
  • Popularity of different musical instruments.
  • TV programs, based on their air time.

As you can see, our list covers all variety of topics. It is not so hard to come up with a topic for a division essay. Just take a look around and see what might be interesting to write about. Think about things you come across every day, but those noone seems to be paying attention to. Consider your hobbies, part-time job you had at some point, people and things you look at every day and take a new angle on them to write your paper.

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